Verified pickup & delivery

Valid for legal purposes

Important deliveries are being documented


Your shipment will be delivered on time

Your contact for reliable & punctual delivery of important shipments.

Your shipment is always taken care of, thanks to verified pickups & deliveries and safe transports. This applies to every kind of transported goods. No matter if its concerning packages or documents – we deliver safely (even internationally!).

Legally documented deliveries

Our focus as a courier service lies on the shipment of important documents. We therefore offer our services regarding a validity for legal purposes.

A legally documented delivery is especially important in matters concerning contracts or letters of dismissal. The delivery and its course is meticulously documented. A confirmation of reception is being created, as well as a delivery report containing pictures and GPS data. The delivery can be adapted to your wishes.

Special transports

In addition to the usual courier services, we also offer:

Document transports

Air-freight transports

Cooling tansports

Transport of dangerous goods

Transport of fragile goods

Transport with lifting carts